BOTOX®The FDA recently approved BOTOX® as an effective way to treat wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows, crow’s feet (eye area) and around the mouth. Patients say that they have a softer, friendlier, more rested appearance after BOTOX®. BOTOX® has also been used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the palms and armpits.

A mini neck lift is effective with injections of BOTOX® in neck bands. The effects of BOTOX® are temporary, usually returning within four to six months. Lines around the mouth return in 2-3 months. BOTOX® is injected directly into the muscle through a small needle in the physician’s office. Patients can return to work that day and in most cases could participate in a social engagement that evening.

BOTOX® (Allergan Irvine, CA) is purified Botulinum Toxin Type A produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. BOTOX® works by binding with motor nerve terminals in the body to inhibit the release of a chemical called Acetylcholine. When injected locally into a muscle, BOTOX® produces a reversible paralysis of that muscle. The FDA also has approved Botox® for use in treating conditions known as strabismus and blepharospasm or disorders of the facial nerve in patients aged 12 and above.

There are risks associated with BOTOX® use; however, complications are usually temporary because of the non-permanent nature of BOTOX®. A thorough discussion of the risks and potential complications is an essential part of the consultation process prior to undergoing any aesthetic surgical procedure, including BOTOX® treatment.

Golf Amber Baltic

Golf Amber Baltic

The Management of the Golf Amber Baltic Sp. z o.o. in consultation with the Board of the Amber Baltic Golf Club kindly informs that from 10.12.2004 until 28.02.2005 the golf course and the club house will be closed, due to a winter break. During the winter break the club house ass tube will be renovated and some land improvement works will be done at the golf course. Our e-mail and all our telephone and fax lines will work during the break but it will be passed on to the Hotel Amber Baltic, where our employee will be on duty.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

GREENFEE (daily; 1 person) weekdays weekends
and holidays*
18 – hole golf course (Includes 9 hole course) PLN 160,- PLN 217,-
9 hole course PLN 102,- PLN 136,-

Juniors (up to 18)
18 – hole golf course (Includes 9 hole course) PLN 102,- PLN 136,-
9 hole course PLN 80,- PLN 102,-

Seniors (above 60)
18 – hole golf course (Includes 9 hole course) PLN 136,- PLN 183,-
9 hole course PLN 97,- PLN 126,-

Member’s guests
18 – hole golf course (Includes 9 hole course) PLN 126,- PLN 160,-
9 hole course PLN 92,- PLN 114,-

AFTERNOON GREEN FEE (after 15:00 hrs)
18-hole golf course
PLN 100,-
GREEN FEE 10 days (per person)
18-hole golf course PLN 1200,-
18-hole golf course PLN 2300,-

Driving Range balls
(approx. 40 balls per token) PLN 17,-
Trolley PLN 19,-
1 Golf Club PLN 11,-
Half Set of Clubs + Bag PLN 65,-
Set of Clubs + Bag PLN 105,-
Golf Cart – Whole Day PLN 105,-

LESSONS with Golf Professional
Individual 30 min PLN 90,-
Individual 45 min PLN 136,-
Individual 60 min PLN 182,-
2 persons (per person) PLN 114,-
3-4 persons (per person) PLN 80,-
5-12 persons (per person) PLN 70,-
more than 12 persons – price negotiable
MEMBERS of the AMBER BALTIC GOLF CLUB – 15% discount

Collagen Replacement

Collagen Replacement

Collagen is a substance that occurs naturally in the second layer of skin. It acts as a support structure for the skin, and provides a framework for the growth of cells and blood vessels. As a person ages, the constant stress of smiling and squinting causes the collagen to break down. Creams that have collagen in them only serve as moisturizers and can do nothing to replace lost collagen under the skin. In most cases, collagen lost to wrinkles and lines can be replaced with a series of injections under the skin using Purified Bovine Collagen Bovine collagen can be hd porn purchased by plastic surgeons from an FDA approved source.

There are new techniques being developed that allow the harvesting of a patients own collagen for re-injection. One of our board certified plastic surgeons will determine if collagen replacement is the best choice for you. A series of collagen injections takes less than 1 hour and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The number of injections is determined by your age and skin condition. Minimal redness at injection sites and swelling are common, however symptoms usually diminish within a few hours of the procedure. The results of collagen injections last about 3 months. Your surgeon can discuss these options with you in greater detail.


Botox CosmeticDo people ask you if you are tired or angry? Drooping eyebrows, frown lines and wrinkles across the forehead will give you this undesirable appearance. The physicians at ACPS are experts in such innovative procedures as the lateral brow lift. This facial rejuvenation procedure elevates the lateral component of the brow, avoiding that startled look that can occur with some conventional procedures.

The incisions are hidden inside the hairline and are virtually invisible. This procedure may be performed as an outpatient under local or general anesthesia. Another innovative technique used to minimize these signs of aging is the endoscopic brow lift. The endoscope is a camera that helps guide the surgeon in repositioning the forehead muscles.

With the endoscope, three or more small incisions are made just at the hairline or in the upper forehead wrinkle. This technique also results in minimal scarring. Your surgeon will determine where the incisions are placed depending upon the position of your hairline. The brow lift also elevates the eyebrows and helps to minimize the “crow’s feet” in the corners of the eyes.

The endoscopic brow lift is a two hour procedure, performed under local or general anesthesia. There will be no visible scars and stitches can be removed in 7-10 days. Bruising and swelling is minimal and the patient can usually return to work in 7-10 days. New advances used by The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery have made the brow lift a simple procedure with results that last from five to 10 years longer than previous methods.

Nasal Surgery


Rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping is a common procedure done by ACPS surgeons. The removal of a large nasal hump or the narrowing of the nostrils can improve the look and shape of your nose. This may be done in conjunction with other rhinoplasty procedures to create the desired appearance. Your surgeon will evaluate the structure of your nose and face and discuss in detail your appearance expectations. Facial balance is important.

Computer imaging with ACPS will help you determine the size and shape of your nose. Factors that influence the final results include the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face the thickness of your skin and your age. Cosmetic nose surgery may be performed on female patients as young as 15 or males as young as 17. However, your surgeon will need to make this determination. Depending upon the procedures performed, a splint may be applied to the asian porn to help maintain its shape. Soft plastic splints may be placed in your nostrils to stabilize the airway and are removed in 5-7 days.

The surgery can be performed as an outpatient under general anesthesia and takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Following surgery, patients should plan on staying in bed with the head elevated for the first few days.

After your procedure your surgeon may offer a visit to your home by a plastic surgery nurse, trained to assist in your recovery. Most patients can return to daily activities within 7-10 days following surgery. Exercise and other strenuous activities may be resumed in about two weeks. It is important to avoid hitting or rubbing the nose for approximately eight weeks. Exposure to the sun should be limited for the two months.